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October 24, 2009

A friend of mine on twitter, @Grizzlyfish, has asked me to publish this parody.

I hope you enjoy it



Is this the real life, Is this just fantasy?

Caught in a time-line, an escape from reality

Try to open my eyes, look up to the screen and see

I’m just a tweeter, no body’s blocking me,

Because it’s easy come, easy go, twitter high, twitter low

Anywhere the tweets go, doesn’t really matter……tweet meeeee


Mama, just D-M’d a man,

Sent followers all the time

Blocked some sex-bot

That was fine,

Mama, morning’s just begun,

And now I’m gonna tweet it all away!


Didn’t mean to send that tweet

I sometimes wish I’d never D-M’d at all

I carry on, carry on, coz tweeting’s all that matters


Too late, I’m in twitter jail,

I’ve sent too many tweets

Throw a tantrum, stamp my feet!

Goodbye everybody, I’m banged up again

Gotta leave you all behind and read a book

Wah-haaa, boo hoo

I just wanna tweet,

I sometimes wish I’d never D-M’d at all

Do do do do do do do do…….


I see a little silhouetto of a spam

Scaramouche! Scaramouche!

It’s that spammy whore Britny!

Thunder-bolt and lightning!

Very very frightening she!

I’m just a tweeter, somebody loves me

(she’s just a tweeter, from a twitter family)

Spare me this spam, from this monstrositweet

She just comes, I say no, she won’t let me go

It’s Britney! No! She won’t let me go!

(let me gooo!)

It’s Britney! No! She wont’t let me go!

(let me gooo!)

Will not let me go, will not let me go

No no no no no no no!

I’ll block you! I’ll block you! No more spam!

Twitter-block has a spammer put aside for me, for me



(head banging bit)


So you think you can tweet me and I won’t reply?

So you think I can’t tweet, even @Frys?

Ooooh baby, Can’t tweet this to me baby

Just gonna get spam, just gonna get spam out of here.


(twinkley bit)


Nothing really matters,

Any one can tweet,

Nothing really matters,

Just Tweeeeeeet…..


(another twinkley bit)

Any way the tweet goes……




Re-written by @Grizzlyfish

Published with the kind permission of Jayne Hulme ©.

Minor tweaks and edits by usul_of_arakis.

Contact details available on request

From → #Frys, Paradoy, Twitter

  1. This is brilliant! And very funny! Well done… 😉

  2. Terrific! What fun – scans perfectly!

  3. Fabulous! Just perfect.

  4. Aliquant permalink


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