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Red haired girl on the bus

December 4, 2009

I like red heads, it’s a weakness of mine.

Recently I have been taking the bus to work, because the chain on my bike snapped, and I haven’t fixed it yet.

The bus is usually crowded with school kids, but they get off maybe half way through my 30 minute journey.

Everyday, soon after the kids have got off, a petite red head gets on the bus and buys a single ticket to the Garage, which is the last stop on this route.

She is small, less than 5 foot and very pretty. Her hair is a lovely red/ auburn shade and is tied back in a pony tail. I’m guessing she is about 20 years old.

Normally I have had to sit toward the back of the bus, and she sits towards the front in seats vacated by the kids, who have now got off at their stop.Today I was sat about half way back. Although the bus is now pretty much empty, she sits directly in front of me.

I’m mesmerised by the back of her head, she has pale skin and a mole on the right of the ponytail. Her ears are also small and cute.

My over riding thought is.. I want to tug on her ponytail!!

I don’t.. but I really wanted to.

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  1. You’ll get nicked,Son,if you do ! Jerry

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