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Mine Sweeper

August 31, 2009

Back in 1980, I was given a Commodore VIC=20 computer for Christmas, this was my introduction to computers, a love affair I maintain to this day.

I loved it, I spent hours learning how to write programs in Commodore basic, all peeks and pokes to write code directly to the processor.

Anyway, after I dropped out of uni, I had kinda lots of times on my hand, and over time I developed a game for the ‘puter. Not expecting much, I submitted it to Home Computing Weekly.

After a few weeks I received a letter accepting the game, along with a cheque for £5.. whoo hoo. I was so chuffed.

Recently I have become involved in an open source project which is an online DVD Database My love of developing software has been re-kindled.

There used to be a web site where you could view the game.. it’s gone.

Fortunately I have a scan.

Mine Sweeper

By today’s standards it’s not great, but I am very proud of it

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  1. Steve; that thrill is something else; I started like you did, my first submission (a system that made the cassette drive act like a floppy with random-access controlled through motor timings) was rejected as cassettes were on their way out then. Later however I wrote a post-mortem crash analyzer that DID get accepted and I felt like king of the planet for a day. It was in assembler so the whole thing was a BASIC app that POKEd the assembler values into memory…if your app crashed or locked up, a single call displayed right where you app crashed so you could fix it…not that it matters. The point is I know how good it made you feel. Mine was published in Ahoy mag, forget exactly when….which reminds me I have a fairly important challenge for us that I need to take offline so see you there…

    Jeff from across the pond

  2. Mummy__Pig permalink

    that is great Steve. You should be so proud. My kids want to design computer games and be millionaires (heheheh snigger).

  3. Aw I used to do some computer programming in middle school and early high school. It wasn’t even this fancy, but it was such a high! I didn’t care that I was the only 13 year old girl I knew who learned codes and geeked out like that! With everything that’s out there now, I almost feel like people are cheating themselves out of all the logic puzzles that were fun to work out in the really basic stuff.

  4. P.S. Sorry, this is @TheJediDoctor / @JediDoctorFrys .

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