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Tweetdeck In Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) (FIXED)

If you have been having problems installing Tweetdeck in Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) I hope I can offer some help.

Trying to install via the Tweetdeck site, I found that the “Download” button stuck at “Installing”.

Here are the tips I found at

With thanks to maberdour and sol.

Firstly install Adobe Air from

Then get the latest Tweetdeck from

This worked for me, so I hope it helps.


UPDATE 14/01/2011

I’ve just downloaded the latest version of Tweetdeck (0.36.2), and the “Download Now” button is working (I’ve tested using Google Chrome Browser).


50th Anniversary Photos

Photographs from my parents Golden Wedding Anniversary.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If I could Change One Thing…

Late September 1991..

She was out with her mates for the first time, for over a year I had been her only friend, we were lovers and had been married for 3 months.

It had been so easy, we seemed so comfortable together. We liked mostly the same things. We seemed happy.

So.. Instead of going home after my meeting, I decide that I would join them and get to meet her friends.

“Hello” I said…

The look.. I had never seen anything but love in her look before, now I saw hate. The hammer blow that that look hit me with was a physical pain.

I swallowed hard. “Can I get you a drink?” I manage to say.

Suzanne asks for something, I can’t remember what. “Yeah, fine.” She says.

I come back with the drinks. “He’s late, where is he?” She asks Suzanne.

Who’s he??

He arrived at some point, they were going back to His place after.

I don’t remember much more until we left the pub. I offered them a lift.. Her, Him and Suzanne. She refused, they would walk, why not? It wasn’t far.

What do I do now? Go home and leave Her with Him? Go with them? I didn’t know, I still don’t know.

I drove round 3 times.. in a fury, totally confused.. what had gone wrong??

December.. She left me.

If I could change one thing?

I would have gone home after the meeting, and let Her have her night out. Would it have made a difference? I don’t know, I doubt She knows either.

Regrets.. yeah I have a few.. this is my biggest.

Red haired girl on the bus

I like red heads, it’s a weakness of mine.

Recently I have been taking the bus to work, because the chain on my bike snapped, and I haven’t fixed it yet.

The bus is usually crowded with school kids, but they get off maybe half way through my 30 minute journey.

Everyday, soon after the kids have got off, a petite red head gets on the bus and buys a single ticket to the Garage, which is the last stop on this route.

She is small, less than 5 foot and very pretty. Her hair is a lovely red/ auburn shade and is tied back in a pony tail. I’m guessing she is about 20 years old.

Normally I have had to sit toward the back of the bus, and she sits towards the front in seats vacated by the kids, who have now got off at their stop.Today I was sat about half way back. Although the bus is now pretty much empty, she sits directly in front of me.

I’m mesmerised by the back of her head, she has pale skin and a mole on the right of the ponytail. Her ears are also small and cute.

My over riding thought is.. I want to tug on her ponytail!!

I don’t.. but I really wanted to.

After a week of writing ..

Seven days ago I didn’t know I was going to write a novel. I have now completed six chapters, over 7000 words.

It has been an emotional week. I am writing about a very painful part of my life.

To anybody who has caught the backwash of my anguish, I can only apologise.

The next two years will be the 20th anniversary of my story, so I will be thinking about those events often. Writing the story down will hopefully ease the pain that I still feel acutely at times.

Thank-you to the people on Twitter who have encouraged me and offered support. You know who you are lovely people.



I’m going to try writing a Novel..

A few of my twitter buddies were discussing having a go at The National Novel Writing Month which started on November 1st.

I happened to mention that I have an idea for a story, and they suggested I join in. After a bit of tooing an froing they persuaded me.

The Target is to achieve 50,000 words in the 30 days of November. That is quite daunting, considering I haven’t written anything longer than 200 words for over 3 years.

Anyway, I have my story, so just going to weigh in and see how it goes.

You can see how I’m getting on here.

I must be mad!!



A friend of mine on twitter, @Grizzlyfish, has asked me to publish this parody.

I hope you enjoy it



Is this the real life, Is this just fantasy?

Caught in a time-line, an escape from reality

Try to open my eyes, look up to the screen and see

I’m just a tweeter, no body’s blocking me,

Because it’s easy come, easy go, twitter high, twitter low

Anywhere the tweets go, doesn’t really matter……tweet meeeee


Mama, just D-M’d a man,

Sent followers all the time

Blocked some sex-bot

That was fine,

Mama, morning’s just begun,

And now I’m gonna tweet it all away!


Didn’t mean to send that tweet

I sometimes wish I’d never D-M’d at all

I carry on, carry on, coz tweeting’s all that matters


Too late, I’m in twitter jail,

I’ve sent too many tweets

Throw a tantrum, stamp my feet!

Goodbye everybody, I’m banged up again

Gotta leave you all behind and read a book

Wah-haaa, boo hoo

I just wanna tweet,

I sometimes wish I’d never D-M’d at all

Do do do do do do do do…….


I see a little silhouetto of a spam

Scaramouche! Scaramouche!

It’s that spammy whore Britny!

Thunder-bolt and lightning!

Very very frightening she!

I’m just a tweeter, somebody loves me

(she’s just a tweeter, from a twitter family)

Spare me this spam, from this monstrositweet

She just comes, I say no, she won’t let me go

It’s Britney! No! She won’t let me go!

(let me gooo!)

It’s Britney! No! She wont’t let me go!

(let me gooo!)

Will not let me go, will not let me go

No no no no no no no!

I’ll block you! I’ll block you! No more spam!

Twitter-block has a spammer put aside for me, for me



(head banging bit)


So you think you can tweet me and I won’t reply?

So you think I can’t tweet, even @Frys?

Ooooh baby, Can’t tweet this to me baby

Just gonna get spam, just gonna get spam out of here.


(twinkley bit)


Nothing really matters,

Any one can tweet,

Nothing really matters,

Just Tweeeeeeet…..


(another twinkley bit)

Any way the tweet goes……




Re-written by @Grizzlyfish

Published with the kind permission of Jayne Hulme ©.

Minor tweaks and edits by usul_of_arakis.

Contact details available on request

Mine Sweeper

Back in 1980, I was given a Commodore VIC=20 computer for Christmas, this was my introduction to computers, a love affair I maintain to this day.

I loved it, I spent hours learning how to write programs in Commodore basic, all peeks and pokes to write code directly to the processor.

Anyway, after I dropped out of uni, I had kinda lots of times on my hand, and over time I developed a game for the ‘puter. Not expecting much, I submitted it to Home Computing Weekly.

After a few weeks I received a letter accepting the game, along with a cheque for £5.. whoo hoo. I was so chuffed.

Recently I have become involved in an open source project which is an online DVD Database My love of developing software has been re-kindled.

There used to be a web site where you could view the game.. it’s gone.

Fortunately I have a scan.

Mine Sweeper

By today’s standards it’s not great, but I am very proud of it

Second attempt.

On Tuesday I will make my second attempt at kicking the bottle. I’m choosing that day, because it’s the first of the month, and I’ll be away from temptation for most of the day at work. Tomorrow night I will treat myself to a nice bottle of red wine, anything that is left when I go to bed goes down the sink.

If this attempt fails I will seek help from outside, I have already checked out the AA, and there are local meetings on Thursday at 8PM.

I also want to use this blog to outline my drinking habits, since they are probably not what you might perceive as been typical of an Alcoholic.

On a week day my first drink of the day will be some time after I get home from work, maybe not until 7 or 8 pm; I do not wake up in the mornings needing a drink; I do not pop to the pub at lunchtimes for a quick pint. Saying that.. it is not unusual for me to have finished a 3 litre bottle of 7.5% white cider before midnight. I am a binge drinker.

I do not drink and drive, if it is my turn to drive I will not have an alcoholic drink, not even one.

I have never taken a day off work because of a hangover, when I used to get them I’d force myself into work. I don’t get them any more.

Beyond the fact that I drink too much, I have never let anyone down because of my drinking.

Only once in my life have I forgotten what I was doing when I was drunk (that’s a story for another blog, it was over 20 years ago, and is quite a funny story, though I do not promise to write it, we’ll see).

Nobody has ever been injured (except possibly emotionally) because of my drinking.

So, why do I want to stop drinking? The short answer is, I don’t. What I want is to be able to have a few pints at weekend, and occasionally get drunk at a party. But what I want, and what I need are miles apart.

I know that once I have had that first drink, then it’s too late.

Wish me luck, I’m going to need it.

First symptoms..

For those of you who have not been following me on Twitter, I have declared myself an alcoholic, and have decided to kick the habit. This is day 3.

Days 1 and 2 were good, but I’ve gone 2 days without wanting a drink before. Today has been different.

This morning at work was not great. I had set myself a task, but kept been interrupted, so something that should have been done in 30 minutes took me ’til lunchtime, putting my whole day behind. I was on edge.

Now I have a knot in my stomach and am feeling anxious. I am trying to occupy myself. I’ve made bread, done the washing up, cleaned the work surfaces.. the knot is still there…